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Triangulation in Narcissistic Relationships

Triangulation Narcissism is like a sneaky game that people who act like bosses play in their relationships. It’s when they bring in a third person, creating a triangle of talking that messes things up and makes everyone feel really sad. In this article, we’ll talk about what triangulation is, how it happens with bossy people, and how it makes everyone in the relationship feel.

What is Triangulation

Triangulation is when tricky people, called narcissists, try to control things by adding a third person or an idea into a relationship. It’s like making a simple game more confusing and causing problems. Imagine trying to play with three people, but instead of it being fun, it just makes everything more difficult. That’s what triangulation does in relationships.

Signs of Triangulation in Narcissistic Actions

  1. Love Triangles: Sometimes, in love relationships, tricky people called narcissists do something sneaky. They stay in touch with old partners or flirt with others. This makes their current partner feel like they have to compete for attention, and they start doubting themselves, relying on the tricky person for approval.
  2. Comparison with Others: Tricky people, called narcissists, often compare the person they’re hurting to others who they think are better. This makes the person feel like they’re not good enough and loses confidence in themselves.
  3. Parental Favoritism: In families with a tricky parent, one child might be the favorite, creating competition among siblings. This can make kids feel really bad about themselves, and the effects can last a long time.
  4. Workplace Triangulation: At work, tricky people called narcissists might use coworkers or people below them to make someone else look bad. This creates a bad environment where everyone is trying hard to get the tricky person’s approval and protection

Impact on Victims:

  1. Emotional Tricks: Triangulation is like a tricky tool that some people use to mess with others’ feelings. If you’re stuck in this, you might always feel like you need to prove yourself or compete for attention. It can make you really tired and upset.
  2. Feeling Alone and Needing Someone: Triangulation can make you feel alone by keeping you away from your friends and family. The tricky person wants to control what you hear from others. This makes you depend more on them to feel good and get support.
  3. Feeling Not Good Enough: Always being compared or made to compete can make you feel not good about yourself. You might start believing you’re not as good as others. This feeling can keep coming back, making you doubt yourself a lot.

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Ways to Combat

Avoiding tricky situations with someone who acts selfish can be hard, but here are some simple tips:

  1. Say No to Bad Behavior: Tell them clearly what you don’t like, and stick to it. Be firm about what’s not okay.
  2. Have Supportive Friends: Make friends or join groups outside of your tricky relationship. Having other people to talk to helps a lot.
  3. Feel Good About Yourself: Work on feeling good about who you are. The more you believe in yourself, the less their tricks might bother you.
  4. Know the Tricks: Learn about the things selfish people do, like bringing others into the situation. Knowing these tricks helps you handle them better.
  5. Don’t Depend Too Much: Try not to rely too much on the tricky person for your feelings.
    Find stuff that makes you happy all by yourself.
  6. Get Help from an Expert: Talk to someone who knows a lot about these situations, like a counselor. They can give you good advice based on what you’re going through.
  7. Take Care of Yourself: Do things that make you happy and calm, like exercise or spending time on things you enjoy.
  8. Talk Clearly: Make sure you talk openly and honestly. This helps avoid misunderstandings and makes it harder for them to trick you.

If you’re in a tricky relationship with someone who acts selfish, it’s important to recognize when they’re playing games, like bringing in others to make things confusing. Knowing this can help you take control and get help for your feelings. If you think this is happening to you, talk to someone who knows a lot about it, like a professional, to understand better and take back control of your life.

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