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Psychogenic Polydipsia: Quenching More Than Thirst

Psychogenic Polydipsia happens when someone drinks lots of water because of their feelings, not because their body needs it. It’s not very common, but it’s really bad for your health. It messes up important stuff in your body, like electrolytes, and can even make you very sick or cause death if it’s not treated. Understanding why it happens, spotting the signs, and using the right treatments are super important to help people with this problem stay healthy.

Causes of Psychogenic Polydipsia

We’re not completely sure why psychogenic polydipsia happens, but it often affects people with mental health issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. These conditions can mess with how your brain tells you when you’re thirsty, so you end up drinking way too much water.

Stressful situations or bad things that happened to you in the past can also make you want to drink even more. Plus, some medicines for mental health problems can make you even thirstier and make the problem worse. Other things around you, like being in hospitals or having had tough times before, can also make you more likely to have Psychogenic Polydipsia.


Sure, here are the symptoms of psychogenic polydipsia:

  1. Feeling excessively thirsty all the time
  2. Drinking much more water than necessary
  3. Frequent urination, especially during the night
  4. Symptoms of electrolyte imbalances, such as:
  5. Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Headaches
    • Confusion
  6. In severe cases:
    • Seizures
    • Loss of consciousness

Psychogenic Polydipsia


  • Diagnosing psychogenic polydipsia can be like solving a puzzle because it can resemble other conditions that cause extreme thirst, like diabetes.
  • Doctors ask many questions about your medical background, particularly focusing on mental health and medications.
  • Tests such as blood and urine tests are conducted to examine the body’s levels and functions.
  • Occasionally, special brain scans may be necessary to rule out any physical causes for the excessive thirst.

Treatment for Psychogenic Polydipsia

  • Treating psychogenic polydipsia means dealing with both the emotional and physical sides of the problem.
  • Therapies like talking to a therapist or doing exercises to manage emotions (like CBT or DBT) can help people understand why they drink so much water and find ways to deal with it.
  • Sometimes, doctors might give medicines to help with mental health problems that could be causing excessive thirst, but they need to be careful because some medicines can actually make the thirst worse.
  • If someone’s really sick because they’ve been drinking too much water, they might need to go to the hospital. There, they can get special fluids and treatments to balance out what’s messed up in their body. Doctors will keep a close eye on how much they’re drinking and peeing to make sure everything gets back to normal safely.

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Possible Outcomes

  • What happens to someone with psychogenic polydipsia depends on a few things, like how bad their condition is, if they have other mental health issues, and how well they respond to treatment.
  • Many people can get a lot better with the right help, like talking to a therapist and taking medicines if needed.
  • But sometimes, even if someone gets better, they might start drinking too much water again, especially when they’re stressed or upset.
  • That’s why it’s really important for them to keep seeing their therapist and doctor regularly. They need to make sure they’re doing okay and catch any problems early.

Psychogenic Polydipsia is when someone drinks a lot of water because of how they feel, not because their body needs it. It’s not common, but if it’s not treated, it can cause serious health problems. It’s important to notice it early, check it out well, and treat it fully to avoid any bad outcomes. By dealing with both the emotional reasons behind it and the physical effects of drinking too much water, people with this issue can feel a lot better and live a happier life.

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