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Micro cheating: The Subtle Toxin in a Relationship

Micro Cheating refers to the actions or choices that prove detrimental to a relationship. Relationships being one of the most important parts of our lives, can still be the most delicate thing. It requires effort, consideration, honesty, communication, and definitely more effort. Maintaining and nurturing the strength of your relationship is very important as your life is somehow dependent on the quality of your relationship.
A fulfilling and successful relationship depends on many things.

One of the most important factors is “trust”. The bond gets stronger when people know they can rely on each other and their relationship is a safe and secure place. Trust is the bedrock of every relationship. It helps people to maintain a successful relationship and once trust is gone, it’s hard for the bond to survive.

For most people, cheating can be the last straw for the survival of their partnership and definitely, the point where they lose all their trust and faith in their partner. Though cheating is considered the final blow for many relationships, and it can shatter even the strongest bonds in one hit, there still might be something slow poisoning your relationship without you even noticing. It’s called micro cheating, the very subtle toxin that destroys it all.

What is Micro Cheating?

Micro-cheating refers to the actions or choices that prove detrimental to a relationship. These actions are not considered definitive cheating and might not be seen as a big deal for the time being but gradually, they make a very negative impact overall. Micro Cheating destroys trust and reliance on respect for a relationship. It turns a peaceful relationship into a war zone.

Different people have different boundaries when it comes to their intimate partnerships and they can have a different point of view and opinions about micro cheating. Something that is micro-cheating for someone might completely be normal for other people. That is why it is extremely important to communicate the boundaries and expectations of your relationship with your partner before taking things to the next level.

Micro cheating

Difference between Cheating and Micro Cheating

Micro-cheating typically does not involve being physically intimate with someone other than your partner. But it does involve emotional infidelity with other people outside of a committed relationship.

Micro-cheating is inappropriate behavior that goes against the expectations of a commitment. It might not lead to the end of a relationship but it definitely drags it to a bumpy road. At the same time, cheating means engaging in an affair. It can involve both physical physical and emotional aspects. Cheating destroys the foundation of a relationship in one go. And for most of the people, it’s unforgivable. But small or bigger, a betrayal is a betrayal after all.

Signs you’re Micro Cheating

  • Keeping secrets

Keeping secrets in a relationship can be damaging. No matter how alarming something could be, you must find a way to communicate with your partner about it. Specially hiding things that you know your partner should be aware of, is very disrespectful. You can get away with it once or twice or maybe many times but secrets are meant to come out and once they come out, the trust is gone. So it’s very important to have honest communication with your partner about anything. And in the first place, if you’re doing something that you think should be kept from your partner, you’re micro-cheating.

  • Lying because you’re scared of their reaction

Lying about little things just because you’re not feeling answerable to them or you’re scared of how they might react is wrong on so many levels. You owe your partner a lot. And that includes your honesty too. So running away from situations and lying about things just so you could save yourself from a fight? Micro-cheating.

  • Flirting with other people randomly

This is a form of micro-cheating where one might flirt with someone in front of their partner or behind their back and consider it as something normal. Most of the time they defend themselves by saying things like “it was nothing serious, I was joking”. This is the most disregarding feeling. You should consider your actions and act accordingly. Be careful about the ways you’re capable of hurting your partner.

  • Not owning your relationship

So-called Commitment where you’re committed to your partner in front of them but not in front of other people is still a commitment issue. You are disregarding your partner and your connection as well. It’s yet another form of being dishonest to your partner where they are completely in with you while you’re running around and not taking responsibility for your relationship.

  • Toxic comparisons

When you feel the need to compare your partner with someone else and you want them to look, act, and live like them. You should know it’s a stepping stone to something worse. Maybe a direct sign of you falling out with your partner. Also, this comparison can be with someone you know or even with someone you don’t know at all. Your partner cannot be compared. They have a life and a personality of their own that should be cherished and loved.

  • Talking to someone who makes your partner uncomfortable

This part involves talking to your ex, someone you know is into you, or anyone your partner feels off about.
You have a committed relationship and the partner of your choice, there is no point in staying connected with someone you were once involved with Or someone who likes you. You might be giving them a signal that you’re welcoming them into your life and accepting their intentions When you should definitely not be okay with this.

  • Prioritizing other people over your partner

When you give your time, attention, and care to someone and find yourself making excuses for your partner. Big red flag. The situation worsens even more when your partner has no idea who you’re with and why. You’re not working on your relationship instead you’re trying to make emotional connections with someone else. A big no-go.

  • Acting like a completely different person in front of others

Behind closed doors, your relationship is perfect. You love your partner. You care about them. You respect them. The moment you step out and you’re In front of your friends or family. You start acting like they don’t matter to you and you’re just unbothered about them. You disrespect them in front of everyone and try to make everything about yourself while completely ignoring your partner’s existence. This whole situation is very dismissive and insulting.

These are some of the very common examples of micro-cheating. Not to forget micro cheating can be different in accordance with how people think and what they choose not to prefer. Still, some of the things that cause problems in most relationships are

  1. Being hesitant about showing phones.
  2. Following uncensored content on social media.
  3. Watching porn.
  4. Texting random people for entertainment.
  5. Sharing the most private things about your partner with others.
  6. Doing things your partner won’t approve of.
  7. Intentionally making them jealous.
  8. Having friends with benefits.
  9. Checking other people out.
  10. Always thinking about finding someone better.

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Is Micro-Cheating Alarming?

These little things are not taken seriously till they turn into something big. People often treat these issues as something normal and Typical. Even when things get unsettling for them they try to avoid facing these situations as everyone has made them so ordinary.

They try to treat them casually and most of the time they let them slide. But if we give it a deeper thought, these are some major red flags that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. We all agree to the fact that little slip-ups can snowball into major outcomes. Micro-cheating leads the way to actual cheating.

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