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Hotkeys people don’t know about – Candid Talks

CTRL + Backspace deletes the whole word in one go instead of having to press Backspace multiple times

Windows button + V

Brings up all copied text and pictures, the amount of people I’ve taught this in work spaces as they thought computers could only copy one piece of text at a time.

For multiscreen users, Win key plus arrow keys can be used to quickly partition each individual screen with windows. You can have full, halves or quarters be taken up by a window with this trick.

Win + shift + right arrow to move the current window into the screen on your right (and left for left, etc).

Also win + ctrl + right arrow key to jump into a whole new desktop with all of its own open windows.

Win + tab will show all your desktops in the bottom row, where you can switch or create new desktops

Windows key + shift + s for immediate snipping tool that saves to your clipboard

Ctrl + shift + windows + b for soft graphic driver reset, good for when you plug your laptop into a dock and it doesn’t hook the monitors correctly, saves you having to open/close the lid or unplug/replug sometimes

One ive not seen mentioned is ctrl + space bar on highlighted text. Reverts all the text formatting to the default.

Great for when you copy text into an email/document with different formatting/font/text sizes etc

Also there is a feature in Word where you can change text from all caps into sentence case/lower case. Saves having to re-type if caps lock is accidentally left on.

Ctrl + Shift + V will paste without formatting in some programs, so you can do it all in one step.

People at work always seem surprised when I lock using Win+L and get straight to desktop by Win+D

Win+D again will bring all the windows you had up unless you open a new window. I use this technique at work to open something else from the Desktop – if I minimize everything then double click on the icon I need, then quickly Win+D again before it opens, everything else comes back up as well as the new program’s window.

In a browser window <cntl><shift><t> opens the last window you just accidently closed.

Switching between browser tabs: ctrl + tab.

Switching between applications: alt + tab

Reset graphic driver: ctrl + shift + windows + b

Open task manager : ctrl + shift + escape

Switching between browser tabs: Ctrl + pgup or pgdn (you can hold it down and it will scroll through quickly)

Ctrl+shift+pgup or pgdn to move a tab

I find that to be much easier to navigate my 30+ tabs.

If you like alt+tab for switching apps, you should give Win+Tab a try.

Also, mapping browser tab switching to spare mouse buttons has saved me incredible amounts of clicking for work stuff. Both the forward and backward options.

Some Windows tips.

Virtual Desktops, can be helpful if you have a lot of windows/apps opened up and don’t have an extra screen.

On a laptop, you can set up gestures, like swipe with two fingers or three fingers on your trackpad to maximise, minimise, the apps etc

Doing something sus and someone walks in? press WINDOWS key + D, it will auto minimise all open windows to display the desktop.

Press ALT + Enter if you want to add a new line in the same excel cell.

Windows + I opens up settings, windows + L locks the windows.

Windows plus . Or windows plus , will open up the emoji panel

PRESS the scroll key on the mouse to open up a link in the new tab

F2 for renaming a file/folder

(Windows Key + Alt + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Will open the jump list for each program in the taskbar, use the arrow keys to select which jump list option you want to open.

You would be absolutely horrified at the number of people who don’t know that holding the Shift Key and pressing a letter makes it a capital letter for as long as you hold Shift for.

I have watched far too many people press Caps Lock, type one letter, then press Caps Lock again to go back to lower case. For every… single… capital.

Win+PrintScreen will do the same as PrintScreen, but it will also save a copy in My Pictures.

You can also move the windows around with Win+Arrow.


Press all of them at the same time and your graphics driver will restart.

Helps if you’re having some issues.

If you power down the computer, you’re free to go outside.

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