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Jar of Insecurities: What is in Your Jar?

Discover the secrets hidden within your ‘Jar of Insecurities’ and how to shatter its glass walls ? Learning to embrace what we truly are can be extremely challenging. Loving yourself to a point where you are ready to accept all your flaws and shortcomings is very important to lead a good life. As hard as it could get, it should be the utmost priority for everyone.

Self-love is an important thing. It means to accept yourself with all the imperfections and to be willing to work on them without letting yourself down. Self-love cannot be achieved in a day or two. It is a whole journey. A journey comes with many obstacles too. One of the many basic hurdles on the way to achieving self-love is “your insecurities”.


What are insecurities?

Insecurities are having feelings of not being good enough, extreme vulnerability, and lack of confidence. One can feel this way about anything in particular. They feel unsure and face certain doubts and fears that are hard to overcome and cause severe anxiety. Insecurities are normal. Almost everyone faces them at some point in their life. What counts is how you deal with them.

Insecurities vary from person to person. People may experience different types of insecurities depending on various factors in their life.

Types of Insecurities (Inside Jar of Insecurities)

People experience many forms of insecurities. They not only affect their life in a very negative way but also have a very strong impact on their mental well-being.

The most common insecurities people may face are

Physical insecurities

Some people can be super self-conscious, To the point where they feel uncomfortable with their own physical appearance. They begin to notice and criticize their own flaws. They always stay in doubt about their body and looks. This keeps them very anxious and bothered. These people lack confidence and they often self-sabotage. Physical insecurities can be a serious matter. They tend to have a very negative impact on one’s self-esteem. Self-acceptance and building up your confidence is really important to overcome this.

Relationship Insecurities

Relationship insecurities are very common among people. Many relationships even fail because people don’t know how to confront them. The feeling of not being good enough for others and a constant fear of them finding something better is the most typical form of insecurity many people experience being in a relationship.

Also always being uncertain and unsure about yourself, your partner or the relationship overall is the most obvious sign that you’re going through severe insecurities. Some other signs of relationship insecurities include constantly needing reassurance, over-possessiveness, jealousy, etc.

insecurities are capable of destroying your relationships. One good way to overcome them is to have an open conversation with your partner and to handle it together. Communication and understanding are very important factors to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

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Performance / Achievement Insecurities

The fear of not achieving your goals is real and very terrifying. The individual might constantly feel like they aren’t doing enough and everyone else is doing better in life. People feel anxious and they often sink into depression thinking that they’re falling short.

Performance insecurity on the other hand is the feeling that one might lack the confidence and self-esteem to perform better when it comes to their abilities and in other progressions of life. Developing self-belief again after losing it can be testing. But enhancing yourself working on yourself and surmounting self-esteem issues is very crucial. One should be able to talk about it and manage it adeptly.

Social Insecurities

People with social insecurities feel highly uncomfortable in interpersonal interactions. They are always bothered about what other people think about them. They fear they’re being judged or misunderstood. They also feel anxious about fitting in. They feel like a misfit and are very concerned about whether other people like them. They’re always hesitant to initiate a conversation.

Crowds and groups of people make them nervous. They also feel extremely anxious when it comes to meeting new people. Social insecurities can be tackled by being around the right people who boost your confidence and constantly reminding yourself that nothing can bring you down.

jar of insecurity

Why do people feel Insecure? (Jar of Insecurities)

Insecurities depend on different factors. These factors and situations are different for everyone. So people feel and experience different insecurities as well.

Comparison – constantly comparing your life with other people or with what you see on social media is one of the biggest reasons why people nowadays are so insecure. They forget that they have a life and personality of their own, instead, they start running after deceit.

Striving for unachievable standards – the world today, where the standards of perfection are so unnecessarily high and unrealistic. People fall for this illusion and in the process of trying to achieve the impossible, they lose themselves and make space for hundreds of insecurities.

Past traumatic events – traumatic events and the past play an important role in the future as well. People go through a lot. This factor holds great significance in fueling insecurities.

Unsuitable companions – being in the wrong company affects life in a very negative way. Being around people who have no positive influence can hurt one’s life. Wrong companionship can provoke insecurities by strengthening negativities, unhealthy comparisons, and behaviors.

Loneliness and lack of support – Loneliness can add to insecurities. One might feel unseen and unheard.
Not having enough support and validation can make it even worse.

Role of others in life – how people treat you is the most important thing in life. It can either break you or make you. When people consistently give you treatment where they lack empathy and show disrespect towards you, it can affect your insecurities.

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How can one break the Jar of Insecurities?

Acknowledging your weaknesses and being committed to fixing them is very important to smash the jar of insecurities. It means you have to sit with yourself and your insecurities and instead of feeling bad about them, you have to find ways to turn them into something beneficial for you and your life.

Once you realize how beautiful self-love is, you will never look at yourself with doubt. Learn to talk about your feelings. Ask for help if you need help. Do whatever it takes to make things better and easier for yourself. Surround yourself with amazing people who constantly encourage you to do better. Most importantly, put yourself first. And know that nothing in this world can put you down.

Insecurities are difficult to handle. Healing takes time and patience. But once you’re past that, it’s the best feeling in the world. Insecurities might be strong but you are stronger.

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